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Dr. Marszewski is currently a Postdoctoral Scholar in Prof. Laurent Pilon’s research group at the University of California, Los Angeles. He received a Ph.D. degree in the field of Chemistry from the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at Kent State University and a M.Sc. degree in the field of Chemistry from the Faculty of Advanced Technologies and Chemistry at Military University of Technology.

Dr. Marszewski has engaged in cutting-edge research of nanoporous materials for energy and environmental applications since he was a master's student. To date, his work resulted in 21 peer-reviewed publications that were cited over 520 times (as of 06/02/2019, Google Scholar), one US Provisional Patent, nine conference presentations, and one invited seminar. He has received awards for his research activity, including University Fellowship, Taylor Research Award, and Graduate Student Research Award. Recently, Dr. Marszewski has been nominated for the UCLA Chancellor’s Award for Postdoctoral Research.

In his spare time, Dr. Marszewski enjoys hiking, reading about black holes, dark matter, dark energy and the future of the Universe, and binge watching Numberphile and The Royal Institution.

Curriculum Vitae

Education & experience

Postdoctoral Scholar                  2016–present
University of California, Los Angeles
Mentor: Professor Laurent Pilon

Ph.D. Chemistry                           2011–2016
Kent State University
Mentor: Professor Mietek Jaroniec

M.Sc. Chemistry                          2005–2010
Military University of Technology, Poland
Mentor: Professor Jerzy Choma

Awards & Honors

  • Departmental nomination for the UCLA Chancellor’s Award for Postdoctoral Research, 2018.
  • Bush Teaching Award, Kent State University, 2016.
  • University Fellowship, Kent State University, 2015.
  • Taylor Research Award, Kent State University, 2015.
  • Graduate Student Research Award, Kent State University, 2012.
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement 4.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average Award, Phi Beta Delta, Beta Zeta Chapter, 2012.
  • Debbie Fu-Tai Tuan Graduate Scholarship, Kent State University, 2011.
  • Academic Performance Scholarship, Military University of Technology, 2006–2010.

Teaching experience

  • Introduction to Chemistry (CHEM 00020)
  • Introductory Chemistry (CHEM 10095)
  • General Chemistry 2 Laboratory (CHEM 10063)
  • Elementary Physical Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 40568)
  • Physical Chemistry Laboratory (CHEM 40557)

Service to profession

  • Review committee of the Undergraduate Research Fellows Program (UCLA Undergraduate Research Center, 2017–2019)
  • Reviewer: ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering, Adsorption Science and Technology, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Cellulose, Chemical Communications, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, International Journal of Photoenergy, Journal of Nanomaterials, Journal of Physical Chemistry, Langmuir, Nanotechnology Reviews


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  1. Marszewski, M.; Pilon, L.G.; Tolbert, S.H.; Dunn, B.S.; Yan, Y.; King, S. Optically-clear thermally-insulating porous nanoparticle aggregate slabs, U.S. Provisional Patent Serial No. 62/689,548, filed June 25, 2018.

Press coverage

  1. Honorable mention for the first-author paper in “10 Solar Fuels Papers of 2015,” Solar Fuels Institute, December 22, 2015. (link)
  2. Coauthored paper covered in “How unwanted CDs and DVDs could help cut carbon emissions,” ACS News Service Weekly PressPac, April 08, 2015. (link)
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